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Connectors and structural parts

Advanced manufacturing technology also makes the driving process more environmentally friendly. Using lighter and less material can reduce vehicle weight, thereby increasing fuel efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. One measure to reduce the weight of a vehicle is to reduce the size of components.

Want to know how to better match thinner fashionable devices without increasing the size? Step into this interconnected world!

To meet the today's demands for increasingly complex mobile phone devices, we offer a variety of thin interconnects, antennas and EMI shields. Our parametric, scalable board-level shielding (BLS) solutions and shrapnel-shielding products built with PCBs help to reduce EMI effects and improve the connection clarity of the products you are delivering.

  • Wiper Support
  • Wiper Control Housing
  • Turbo Housing
  • Turbo Housing& Cover
  • Turbo Cover
  • Spacer Housing
  • Sensor Connector
  • Latch Housing-3
  • Latch Housing-2
  • Latch Housing-1
  • coolant tank
  • ECU connector
  • EPS connector
  • flange-1
  • flange-2
  • IBSG housing