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About us

  • Chairman: Grace Wang
  • Created: 2004
  • Listing: SZ 002475 (2010/9/15)

Luxshare Precision is a global designer and manufacturer of cable assembly and connector system solutions for consumer, automotive, cloud, and enterprise applications. Dedicated to flexible design, agile manufacturing, and collaborative partnerships, we work with technology leaders to create innovative solutions that transform our industries. We change the rules. You change the world.

Our worldwide presence allows us to service our customers locally while providing global scale and access to our many R&D and test facilities. We are committed to providing the highest quality, innovative solutions, and continue to increase our investment in R&D. Sustained new product development and technological innovation, combined with rational, effective cost control and optimization of our manufacturing processes in areas such as automated modules, not only ensure that the company is poised to achieve sustained and rapid growth in the future, but also provide a solid foundation to leverage industry-leading advantages.

Facts and Figures: Luxshare Precision Industry Co., Ltd was founded in 2004 and listed publicly on the SME board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010.

Our product portfolio includes: cables, connectors, motors, wireless charges,FPCs, antennas, and acoustic and electronic modules.

We provide one-stop solutions for a broad range of industries, including consumer electronics (computers, devices and peripherals), enterprise and cloud applications, automotive and medical.

Our Competitive Advantage

  • Core Products

    Core Products

    Cable Assemblies, Connectors, Power Cables, Antennas, Bare Wire, Coaxial Cables, Flexible Cables, Flexible Printed Circuit Boards, Precision Hardware / Plastic Components, Acoustic Components, and Smart Wearables.

  • Applications


    Computers, Consumer Electronics (TVs, Smartphones), Enterprise and Cloud Solutions (Servers, Telecom Equipment), and Automotive and Medical Interconnects.

  • R&D Advantage

    R&D Advantage

    We believe in collaborative relationships with our customers. Our global R&D facilities and cutting-edge manufacturing operations allow us to provide agile, flexible, and innovative solutions that keep us ahead of the fast-paced demands of our customers.

  • Innovative Solutions

    Innovative Solutions

    Luxshare Precision’s dedication to technical innovation helps enable our customers to solve their toughest challenges. Our flexible approach helps free our partners from the typical constraints, allowing them to innovate for tomorrow today.

  • Commitment to Quality

    Commitment to Quality

    We adhere to an ethos of specialized production and abide by strict principles of quality and precision. We are committed to maintaining a quality leadership position in our industries, as well as integrating high-quality suppliers to create a competitive advantage for our customers.
    Responsible Mineral Procurement Policy:Minerals such as 3TG (acronym for tantalum Ta, tin Sn, tungsten W, gold Au) from conflict or high-risk areas, metal minerals controlled by non-governmental armed forces or controlled by illegal military factions through smuggling trade channels are all conflict minerals . Luxshare requires suppliers to comply with the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct (RBA), and only purchase materials from suppliers that are responsible for the environment and society. Suppliers are not prohibited from purchasing minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo and its neighboring countries. ) to purchase from the list of certified smelters and refineries certified by the Responsible Mineral Assurance Process (RMAP), all suppliers shall purchase metals from smelters and refineries that have passed the RMAP certification and meet the requirements for conflict-free metals. Smelters and refineries that have not passed RMAP certification or that do not meet customer requirements must be removed from the supply chain and promised to perform due diligence in accordance with OECD requirements.

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