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Consumer Electronics Solutions

Luxshare Precision provides complete consumer electronics interconnectivity solutions for its clients and industry partners.
We are committed to integrating supply partners to offer clients the most competitive solutions and highest quality of service.
  • Applications

    Interconnect Solution for Smartphone

    With the trend for slim, lightweight and mobile smart devices, products must be thin, compactly designed, high-speed, high-thermal conductivity, touch control, and energy-efficiency. For this, Luxshare provides premium, high-quality smart phone connection solutions.
  • Applications

    Improve notebook performance

    With our connectors, antennas, micro coaxial cables and flexible print circuit boards, Luxshare Precision can help improve the performance of your notebooks. We provide customers and industry partners with complete interconnectivity solutions.
  • Applications

    Wearable device solutions

    As smart mobile devices with the most potential for market growth, wearable devices are leading new industry trends. Luxshare provides highly-optimized vertically-integrated design technology and high-quality production capacity.